NYC – A Tale in 3’s (Part 1)

quote-since-the-thing-perhaps-is-to-eat-flowers-and-not-to-be-afraid-e-e-cummings-34-56-52Ah, the delight in scoring a last minute discount at a chi-chi hotel in the Big Apple, granting my friend and I entry into a One Percenter esablishment on our 99% budget. Top of the agenda was to hit the rooftop lounge I’d read about online to try the praised house martini garnished with an edible orchid. SO on it!

We walked out onto the rooftop and it is oozing big city cool and an equally expensive vibe. Cushions and pillows were thoughtfully laid out to create a minorly awkward but beautiful, Morrocan style labyrinth framed with meticulous, green landscaping. We found a spot in the upholstered forest that called to us and got comfy, promptly greeted by a cocktail waitress. I immediately inquired about their cocktail with the “edible flower” and was met with absolute confusion. After some back and forth the server advised that the only cocktail they served with a flower was not edible to her knowledge. No doubt, that’s got to be the one – she just didn’t know what she was talking about! She must be new but we were in THE KNOW!

After a relatively short wait we were presented with pretty colored libations garnished with an even prettier flower. Now we’re talkin’ – let’s do this! But….who’s gonna’ do it? Is it edible or not? As with many things in life, there is one way to find out and I was a curiously committed guinea pig to this cause. We sipped our cocktails as I worked up my courage, holding the delicate & colorful, though not necessarily appetizing looking, petaled mystery between my fingers. After giggles, skepticism, and, of course, encouragement from my friend who was NOT up for the challenge, I took a tentative nibble, immediately followed by a slightly larger one to make it worth the while.

Slowly…..munching. Chewing is not the right word. If you’ve never eaten a flower I am here to tell you that they are more “munchy” than “chewy” and – at least in this case – not at all tasty.

I didn’t give up easily but suffice it to say that I probably should have followed the server’s lead. Pretty sure I was misinformed….and that there’s a travel writer that recommended it giggling somewhere.

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