A Mother’s Message From “The Great Beyond”

Some things just don’t qualify as coincidence!

It was a typically warm, sunshine & blue skied filled, Florida December morning when my mother’s best friend and self described “soul sister” arrived for a quick stay with me before setting out on her first cruise since my mother had passed away. It had taken Linda over three years to be ready for her next “anchors away” moment as cruising was “their thing”and they did it with delight together multiple times a year and across the globe. This was also the first time Linda and I had seen one another since my mother’s memorial all those years ago and she had been holding on to a ring that was willed to me by my mother for safekeeping.  I remember gazing at the ring with appreciation as a child when displayed on my mother’s long, slender finger and I had always loved it. Purple, of course, (my mother & I’s shared favorite color) a simple but unique design of an amethyst with a diamond set in diagonal corners of a delicate, also diagonal, gold band. Linda had worn it for safe keeping during her flight and when she took it off and presented it to me on my patio I lovingly transferred it to my own finger, done with a shared hug & tears. Never removed since, the ring is incredibly, deeply important, special and meaningful.

But, oh, it gets better!
So unbelievably, incredibly, jaw droppingly better!

Their mutual friend, Mary Jo, was also along for the visit as she & Linda were going on this cruise together.  Shortly after Linda presented me with my Mom’s ring, Mary Jo announced that she had a birthday gift for Linda that she felt she needed to go ahead and give her while we were together even though Linda’s birthday was during their just-around-the-corner cruise. It’s was to be Linda’s 65th birthday so a milestone one and, for this reason, Mary Jo said she had wanted to get her something extra special.  Little did she know HOW incredibly and truly special it was to be!

As Linda and I sat in my living room with intrigued anticipation, Mary Jo pulled out a small box and passed it to Linda. Upon opening it her jaw immediately fell open……and remained open in, struck speechless with shock. My curiosity peaked to the highest level, Linda composed herself enough to turn the open box to reveal what it held which, upon seeing, caused me to impulsivly yell out as we once again both began to cry, this time with incredulous tears of joyful disbelief and amazement!  The delicate content of the box held an almost *exact duplicate* of my mother’s ring that Linda had JUST passed on to me! Amethyst center, diagonal diamonds, diagonal gold band setting. My immediate thought was that Mary Jo had taken my mother’s ring (or a photo of it) to a jeweler to have it custom made but, again, it gets better! In actuality, Mary Jo had never seen my mother’s ring – had never even KNOWN about it – until THAT DAY!  She excitedly and emotionally informed us that she had come across the ring two months prior at an antique shop and it had struck her as the perfect, special gift for Linda. Oh, yes, how VERY, VERY *PERFECT & SPECIAL*!  Linda & I both bordered on hysteria, a combined, beautiful, bubbling brew of laughter, tears, and incredulous exclaimanations! We all three agreed that Mom was making it known that she was here for our first reunion since her passing, for Linda’s birthday, for her first cruise without her, and for the “passing of the ring”. Seems that she wanted us both to have it!

Thank you, Mary Jo, for being the channel, purchaser, and deliverer for what spoke to you (i.e. – MOM!). Over three years later, my mother clearly and undeniably made her presence and endless love known.

As I said, some things just don’t qualify as mere coincidence.

Happy Mother’s Day, always & forever!


It Was A Dark & Stormy Night….

Okay, not really but Snoopy always started that way and it seemed intriguing so I’ll run with it.pexels-photo-891674.jpeg To appropriately begin at the beginning, I shall attempt to do so steering clear of a “dissertation” as some friends fondly (?) refer to my texts. Hey, I’ve got stuff to say and I can’t help if it’s interesting! At least I think so. Certainly, cracking myself up keeps entertainment cost down and my dogs amused though, let’s be honest, they’re a pretty easy crowd to please. Yes, I’ve been “shushed” at the post office (true story) and told I was a “loud American” in more than one country by locals. For the curious, that would be in England and Jamaica so go ahead and make note of that. Hey, I didn’t create the stereotype I only help keep it alive. ‘MURICA!

So something random to get this party started: What do I love?

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens.

Okay, not really. I prefer whiskers on dogs. Dogs in general and gerbera daisies over roses though I wouldn’t light a rose on fire. They’re pretty and my Mom always gave me pink ones so I’m partial to those. She was awesome! Dyed her hair blue when she was 70. Not like unintentional, black with a blue hue but “F it, I’m 70!” turquoise blue and I couldn’t have been more proud! I like to think I had some influence on that. The older she got the less she cared what others thought. Seems to run in the family as my age progresses. Minor problem there is that I actually never cared much what others thought to begin with so, should I make it to 70, I’ll consider myself lucky if I’m allowed in public at all. Fortunately, I counteract non-conformity and a laissez-faire attitude with a pocket full of rainbows and unicorns and a big, heartfelt, squinty eyed smile wherever I go (hence my childhood nickname of “Smiley”…. at least the nickname I knew about).

This blog is dedicated to my parent’s contagious love for travel, living life with wanderlust and a wanton attitude, and to all of those who share the same.

Life is short – make sure you LIVE IT!!

Ponder & share:  What do YOU love?1462965_10151850203568165_1688212876_n