NYC – A Tale in 3’s (Part 1)

quote-since-the-thing-perhaps-is-to-eat-flowers-and-not-to-be-afraid-e-e-cummings-34-56-52Ah, the delight in scoring a last minute discount at a chi-chi hotel in the Big Apple, granting my friend and I entry into a One Percenter esablishment on our 99% budget. Top of the agenda was to hit the rooftop lounge I’d read about online to try the praised house martini garnished with an edible orchid. SO on it!

We walked out onto the rooftop and it is oozing big city cool and an equally expensive vibe. Cushions and pillows were thoughtfully laid out to create a minorly awkward but beautiful, Morrocan style labyrinth framed with meticulous, green landscaping. We found a spot in the upholstered forest that called to us and got comfy, promptly greeted by a cocktail waitress. I immediately inquired about their cocktail with the “edible flower” and was met with absolute confusion. After some back and forth the server advised that the only cocktail they served with a flower was not edible to her knowledge. No doubt, that’s got to be the one – she just didn’t know what she was talking about! She must be new but we were in THE KNOW!

After a relatively short wait we were presented with pretty colored libations garnished with an even prettier flower. Now we’re talkin’ – let’s do this! But….who’s gonna’ do it? Is it edible or not? As with many things in life, there is one way to find out and I was a curiously committed guinea pig to this cause. We sipped our cocktails as I worked up my courage, holding the delicate & colorful, though not necessarily appetizing looking, petaled mystery between my fingers. After giggles, skepticism, and, of course, encouragement from my friend who was NOT up for the challenge, I took a tentative nibble, immediately followed by a slightly larger one to make it worth the while.

Slowly…..munching. Chewing is not the right word. If you’ve never eaten a flower I am here to tell you that they are more “munchy” than “chewy” and – at least in this case – not at all tasty.

I didn’t give up easily but suffice it to say that I probably should have followed the server’s lead. Pretty sure I was misinformed….and that there’s a travel writer that recommended it giggling somewhere.

It Was A Dark & Stormy Night….

Okay, not really but Snoopy always started that way and it seemed intriguing so I’ll run with it.pexels-photo-891674.jpeg To appropriately begin at the beginning, I shall attempt to do so steering clear of a “dissertation” as some friends fondly (?) refer to my texts. Hey, I’ve got stuff to say and I can’t help if it’s interesting! At least I think so. Certainly, cracking myself up keeps entertainment cost down and my dogs amused though, let’s be honest, they’re a pretty easy crowd to please. Yes, I’ve been “shushed” at the post office (true story) and told I was a “loud American” in more than one country by locals. For the curious, that would be in England and Jamaica so go ahead and make note of that. Hey, I didn’t create the stereotype I only help keep it alive. ‘MURICA!

So something random to get this party started: What do I love?

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens.

Okay, not really. I prefer whiskers on dogs. Dogs in general and gerbera daisies over roses though I wouldn’t light a rose on fire. They’re pretty and my Mom always gave me pink ones so I’m partial to those. She was awesome! Dyed her hair blue when she was 70. Not like unintentional, black with a blue hue but “F it, I’m 70!” turquoise blue and I couldn’t have been more proud! I like to think I had some influence on that. The older she got the less she cared what others thought. Seems to run in the family as my age progresses. Minor problem there is that I actually never cared much what others thought to begin with so, should I make it to 70, I’ll consider myself lucky if I’m allowed in public at all. Fortunately, I counteract non-conformity and a laissez-faire attitude with a pocket full of rainbows and unicorns and a big, heartfelt, squinty eyed smile wherever I go (hence my childhood nickname of “Smiley”…. at least the nickname I knew about).

This blog is dedicated to my parent’s contagious love for travel, living life with wanderlust and a wanton attitude, and to all of those who share the same.

Life is short – make sure you LIVE IT!!

Ponder & share:  What do YOU love?1462965_10151850203568165_1688212876_n